• Reunert Limited

    Established in 1888 and first listed on the JSE in 1948, Reunert Limited is a leading South African company. The group is listed in the industrial goods and services (electronic and electrical equipment) sector of the JSE (ticker symbol: RLO). The group operates mainly in South Africa with minor operations situated in Australia, Lesotho, USA and Zimbabwe.

    The Reunert group manages businesses in the services, electronics and electrical engineering sectors, supplying value-added products, services, solutions and systems to local and international markets. Each of these businesses will remain capable of meeting the group’s objectives for sustainable growth and earnings. We will seek meaningful growth opportunities that are either compatible with our leading competencies or which are sensible, strategically-aligned extensions of our existing businesses.

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  • Armscor (SA Armaments Corporation)

    Armscor is a South African state-owned entity mandated by an act of parliament to acquire and support military equipment on behalf of the Department of Defence (DOD). The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans is the executive authority responsible for Armscor.

    Apart from its Acquisition role, Armscor contains strategic capabilities and technologies, manages the Naval Dockyard, disposes of obsolete defence material, and promote the local defence industry.

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  • Denel

    Denel SOC is the largest manufacturer of defence equipment in South Africa and operates in the military aerospace and landward defence environment. Incorporated as a private company in 1992 in terms of the South African Companies Act (No 62 of 1973), Denel’s sole shareholder is the South African Government.

    The Minister for Public Enterprises appoints an independent Board of Directors that oversees the executive management team which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

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  • Denel Overberg Test Range

    Denel Overberg Test Range, a division of the South African industrial group Denel, is a well-established, fully integrated multipurpose test facility near the southernmost tip of Africa, with its core business the in-flight testing of advanced guided and aviation systems for the local and international aerospace industries - the premier facility of its kind in Africa.

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  • Sadeso (South African Defence Export Support Organization)

    On behalf of the South African Government and by means of Government export support structures, initiatives and incentives, to develop and facilitate a South Africa incorporated export drive, geared to promoting export opportunities that will result in upliftment, job creation and growth within the Defence Related Industry.

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  • AMD (South African Aerospace & Maritime Defence Industries Association)

    AMD - The proud association for Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries of South Africa.

    AMD is a non-profit organization focus primarily on representation of the industry in the South African, as well as global market place. Its focus is to ensure the industry is recognised as a sustainable and responsible industry.

    Its current member companies supply a wide range of products and services to South Africa's Department of Defence and Military Veterans (DOD), the security sector and the export market. Providing high-tech solutions at competitive prices makes these products sought after in the export market, which in turn leads to local skills development, job creation and retention.

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  • Dept of Defence (South African)

    The Department of Defence is the defence ministry of the South African government. It oversees the South African National Defence Force, the armed forces responsible for defending South Africa.

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  • African Armed Forces Journal

    The AAFJ is committed to providing its readership a quality service in order to stimulate and improve the Defence debate in Africa.

    AAF's vision is to provide African military professionals a public platform to discuss issues of mutual interest.

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  • CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)

    The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa.

    Constituted by an Act of Parliament in 1945 as a science council, the CSIR undertakes directed and multidisciplinary research, technological innovation as well as industrial and scientific development to improve the quality of life of the country’s people.

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  • IMT (Institute for Maritime Technology)

    The Institute for Maritime Technology performs defence research to satisfy South African MoD strategic needs for techno-military support, products and services and to establish applicable technology and systems to further the interest of the SANDF.

    In order to achieve this, the Institute supports the South African National Defence Force with scientifically informed advice, the development of technology and strategic products to improve the performance of its systems.

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  • SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory)

    The South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) is the national optical observatory of South Africa and a National Facility administered by the National Research Foundation (NRF).

    The facility's function is to conduct research in astronomy and astrophysics.

    SAAO headquarters are in the suburb of Observatory in Cape Town. The main telescopes used for research are located at the SAAO observing station near Sutherland in the Northern Cape, a 4-hour drive from Cape Town.

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  • SALT (Southern African Large Telescope)

    The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) is the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere and among the largest 5 or so in the world. It has a hexagonal primary mirror array 11 metres across, comprising 91 individual 1.2m hexagonal mirrors.

    It is located close to the town of Sutherland in the semi-desert region of the Karoo, South Africa.

    It is a facility of the South African Astronomical Observatory, the national optical observatory of South Africa.

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  • RRSG (Radar Remote Sensing Group)

    The Radar Remote Sensing Group at UCT has been operating since 1988. It receives its funding entirely from contract research from Industry and postgraduate busaries from the NRF (National Research Foundation).

    The group was founded by Prof. Michael Inggs when he joined the staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, in 1988, after 15 years working in the radar and communications industries in South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America.

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  • Acuo Technologies

    Acuo Technologies (Pty) Ltd was established as a software engineering house in February 2002 and is a member of Reunert Limited.

    Through this association Acuo has a strong relationship with other members in the group such as Nashua, Nashua Mobile, Nashua Finance, Panasonic and Reutech Solutions, allowing the grouping to offer a broad range of services.

    The Acuo team consists of experienced and qualified engineers, software developers, system architects, business analysts and project managers.

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