Reutech innovates

Written by Reutech 04 October 2010.

The following story appeared in the Exhibition Newsletter of the African Aerospace and Defence 2010 Show held in Cape Town, South Africa, during September 2010.

Reutech at AAD 2010

An impressive display in Hall 2 shows the Reutech Group to be a significant source for radars and remotely operated gun and observation systems.

The company scored a major success when it responded to an invitation to tender from the Norwegian Navy, which wanted a radar cable of close range detection and a high data update rate for helicopter guidance.

Reutech was the only company to meet the demanding requirement precisely, as the difficult terrain of the Norwegian fjords and frequent poor visibility demand that helicopters being recovered to a naval ship must have the very best guidance possible.

The X-band naval air/sea surveillance radar now has the unique record of having been chosen by a NATO navy and it also has an application in gun fire support.

The Sea Rogue remotely operated gun and observation system has been chosen for the South African Navy, which is fitting them to its frigates as a close-in weapon system. Capable of mounting 12.7mm or machine guns of other calibres, Sea Rogue is now being offered as the Land Rogue, which has attracted the interest of several South African manufacturers for mounting the system on an armoured vehicle.

Spurred by this success, Reutech is developing the Super Rogue, a stabilised weapon platform capable of mounting a 20mm cannon. Its simplistic design has given rise to inherent reliability, low maintenance costs and ease of operation.