Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Applications

Written by Reutech Mining 04 November 2016.

SSP Ground Penetrating Radar illustration

04 November 2016

Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Applications

Article as published in Womp 2016 Vol 10. Source:

Reutech Mining has introduced a compact and convenient ground penetrating radar system that is claimed to be more user-friendly than comparable products currently available.

The Sub Surface Profiler (SSP) is described as a low-cost, lightweight GPR designed specifically for the challenges of the underground mining environment, weighing less than 4.5 kg with a patented, compact ergonomic design that allows one-handed operation by one person in much the same way as a paint roller. The SSP has been designed to be extremely power efficient, and uses small, rechargeable batteries that can be replaced during operation. Collected data is wirelessly transmitted to a tablet computer, where it is processed in real time, providing instant feedback about fault structures that may be present up to 6 m inside a rock mass.